GFF installs Region One Steering Committee


Region One (Barima-Waini) has moved one step closer to becoming a Regional Member Association (RMA) of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) with the establishment of a Steering Committee. The Committee was presented with its Terms of Reference (ToR), which includes among others, the development of a Constitution and the registration of clubs in the region.

President of the GFF, Wayne Forde, who was among a three-man visiting team to the Region last weekend, said the GFF is pleased to offer the structure and organisation necessary to enable the region to maximise its resources.

“The expansion of football across Guyana is beyond the mandate of the GFF’s Executive Committee. We also have a moral obligation to give every young boy and girl the opportunity to play football and within the Barima-Waini community there are a lot of passionate and talented young footballers. The only way that the GFF can give them the level of support that is needed to bring structure and organisation to the game is by having the Steering Committee start the important work of leading Region One towards full-fledge membership of the Guyana football fraternity.”

Forde said while this is considered an ad hoc Committee under the GFF’s Constitution, with a six-month life-span, “our goal is to propose Region One’s membership to the Congress in May 2018 but, of course, that will be based entirely on the work the Steering Committee does to demonstrate to the Executive Committee that they’re worthy of being inducted as members of the Guyana Football Federation.” 

“Government’s support to this endeavour is critical given the logistics of integrating Region One into national football,” said Forde. “We also take this opportunity to invite the NGOs and all stakeholders within the Region One community to come onboard and support the work of the Steering Committee and do whatever is necessary to help Region One’s integration into national football.”

Forde added that the establishment of the Steering Committee will see GFF’s immediate technical support to the region via capacity building sessions to identified coaches, referees and others as necessary.      

Other members of the visiting team were Dion Inniss, GFF’s Executive Committee Member, and Ian Greenwood, GFF’s Technical Director. 

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