Curriculum review, training for hinterland teachers in 2018


Education Minister Nicolette Henry announced a review of the schools’ curriculum and training for teachers in the hinterland are some of the initiatives to be undertaken by the coalition to guarantee increased delivery and access to quality education.

Henry, during her contributions to the 2018 budget debates in the National Assembly Thursday, disclosed that government will continue to work towards increased student performances in test scores.

“In 2018 the government will continue in this direction and so monies have been allocated in the 2018 budget for curriculum review, the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme review, leadership training for senior teachers, development of a handbook for teaching method/ strategies for primary teachers,  and the development of  standards for Primary Mathematics from Grades One to Six,” she stated.

The Education Minister also noted that the government will amplify its school feeding programme so that more students can benefit from a free meal.

“In 2018 this government will continue along this path and scale up this initiative as we understand the benefits of School Feeding Programme are far-reaching and evidence-based. According to the United Nations, there is evidence to show that school feeding programmes enhance enrollment in school and better educational outcomes,” the Education Minister said, noting that some 202 schools are currently benefiting from the initiative.

“While this may not seem like much depending on where you sit in this house, I can tell you to the ordinary people especially the additional 30,000 students who are benefitting for the first time from school feeding – this is a big deal. Also, because this initiative we will create jobs within several communities, as this requires hiring 100 of women from within these communities,” she explained.

Additionally, the Minister announced that in 2018, for the first time in over a decade, the government will reintroduce training teachers in Region Eight.

“This measure will not only help us but will also ensure that all our regions throughout the length and breadth of Guyana now have teachers training hub,” she stated.

Henry noted too that for the first time in over a decade, the government conducted a conditions survey of all schools and will use this data for maintenance and infrastructural works to be undertaken by the Ministry.

Further, she said TVET Hubs will be constructed at Bina Hill, Madhia, Lethem and Maburuma to bridge the gap between hinterland and coastland while enhancing hinterland access to post-secondary education opportunities.

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