Elevators for pedestrian overpasses in March 2018


The four pedestrian overpasses on the East Bank Demerara (EBD) Road Corridor are expected to be completed by year-end, however, the elevators will be installed until March 2018.

Coordinator of the Works Services Group of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MOPI), Geoffrey Vaughn explained that the authorities will soon meet to discuss whether they will officially open the overpasses despite them not being equipped with the elevators.

He pointed out, however, that if the overpasses are opened upon its completion without the elevators then it will put certain categories of persons at a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, pedestrians are already using the overpass located at Peter’s Hall, EBD. Vaughn said until a decision is made, no measures will be put in place to bar those pedestrians from utilising the overpasses.

The other locations where the overpasses are being constructed are Diamond, Providence and Houston.

Earlier in the year, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon had announced that a US$364,000 contract was awarded for the pedestrian overpass at Diamond and a US$1M contract for those at Houston, Peter’s Hall at Providence.

The contract for the construction of the overpasses at Houston, Providence and Peter’s Hall was awarded to B & J Civil Works whilst those at Providence and Diamond were given to S. Jagmohan Hardware.

Once opened to the public, the pedestrian overpasses will not only eliminate congestion on the EBD road which is among the busiest in the country but will also keep pedestrians safe from fatal accidents.

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