Gopaul, Lee take early lead in National Chess Qualifier


Joshua Gopaul and Eathan Lee have assumed the early lead, as both players are undefeated in the National Junior Qualifier 2018. Play began last weekend at the National Aquatic Center, Liliendaal. The tournament saw 24 juniors registered for various schools across Guyana, with the majority coming from city institution Marian Academy.

In round one, Joshua Gopaul got the better of Gerath DaSilva, Ghansham Allijohn got past Joshua Williams, Akili Theophil won against Alexander Ally, Nellisha Johnson got past Andrew Ally, Waveney Johnson won against Rebecca Ramlall, Rachael Ramlal got past Savir Gookul, Dwayne Bess won against Zackary Persaud, while Jaden Taylor and Odit Rodrigues played to a draw.

In round two, Joshua Gopaul defeated Dwayne Bess, Ghansham Allijohn won against Roshawn Washington, Akili Theophil defeated Rachael Ramlal, Sasha Shariff won against Nellisha Johnson, Eathan Lee got the better of Waveney Johnson, Jaden Taylor defeated Runako Williams, Odit Rodrigues won against Savir Gookul, Nickel Charles defeated Alexander Ally, Rebecca Ramlal won against John Wong, Gareth DaSilva defeated Zackary Persaud, while Andrew Ally got past Joshua Williams.

In round three action, Joshua Gopaul won against Akili Theophil, Eathan Lee defeated Ghansham Allijohn, Jaden Taylor got the better of Sasha Shariff, and Nellisha Johnson and Waveney Johnson won against Odit Rodrigues and Andrew Ally respectively. Other winners in this round were Dwayne Bess Roshawn Washington, Chelsea Juma, Rachael Ramlal, Savir Gookul and John Wong.  

After three rounds, Joshua Gopaul and Eathan Lee are ahead with three points apiece, followed by Jaden Taylor with 2.5. 

Sasha Shariff, Ghansham Allijohn, Akili Theophil, Waveney Johnson, Nellisha Johnson, Dwayne Bess, Roshawn Washington, Rachael Ramlal and Chelsea Juma are all locked on two points each, followed by Udit Rodrigues with 1.5, and Runako Williams, Gareth DaSilva, Rebecca Ramlall, Andrew Ally, Nickel Charles, John Wong, Savir Gookul and Zackary Persaud all bunched on one point apiece.  

The tournament will continue on Saturday (January 20) from 13:00h and the following day from 10:00h for the final four rounds at the same venue.

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