Teachers to be separated at NA Multi. school to solve conflict


Following complaints of racial tension and the requests from a dozen teachers to be transferred from the New Amsterdam Multilateral School, the Education Ministry has intervened.

It was reported last week that the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher of the school are at loggerheads and the dispute has affected students and teachers to the point where parents were considering transferring their children from the school.

In a statement to the media on Monday, the Ministry said: “a decision was arrived at for the smooth administration of that institution and the improved performance of the school.”

While the decision was not disclosed since it has not been communicated to the school as yet, News Room has learnt that the Head teacher and Deputy may be separated to solve the issue, with one of the two being moved to another school.

Previously, it was reported that a decision was made to transfer the person who was acting as the deputy to another school before, but the transfer was later rescinded.

To solve the problem, a meeting was convened with the Regional Chairman, the Chairman of the Education Committee of Region 6, the Chairman of the school’s Board, the President of the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU), the Chief Education Officer (CEO), the Deputy Chief Education Officer (DCEO) and other senior officials from the Ministry of Education.

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