Ministry addresses issues at Rama Krishna Primary School


As a result of complaints from parents of children who attend the Rama Krishna Primary School at Middleton Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, the Education Ministry has put several systems in place to address their concerns.

According to a statement from the Ministry, a senior Officer visited the school on February 08 and engaged both parents and teachers.

During a recent protest action, the parents had complained of children not being able to enter their classrooms upon arrival at the school since the doors were closed and of instances where upon entering the classrooms, it was strewn with strange items including feathers and powder.

“A number of matters were raised and solutions conceived, some of which were immediately implemented… Further, the locks were changed on the classroom doors and class teachers were given a key while a spare remains with the head teacher,” the Ministry said.

Regarding a court case involving a parent and a teacher, both have agreed to drop the matter and apologized to each other for their previous misunderstanding.

Following the meeting, the teachers were encouraged to transform the image of the Rama Krishna Primary School and to form themselves into a strong team. Also coming out of the meeting, was a plan to have a community drive which will involve the teachers and Ministry Officials engaging the community and its members to build partnerships with stakeholders. This is scheduled for the month of March.

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