MovieTowne spending US$45 million in Guyana


MovieTownne, the Trinidad theatre and entertainment franchise says it is investing US$45 million in its Guyana operations and has announced the famed Hard Rock Café and one of the largest Massay stores in the Caribbean as two of its attractions.

In a press release, MovieTowne noted that the Hard Rock Café franchise has under its belt, 191 locations that spread across every continent in 75 countries.

The entertainment house said the “massive Cineplex” is expected to satisfy “every craving for clean, classy, family-oriented entertainment.”

Guyana-born Chairman of Multicinemas Incorporated, Derek Chin, is quoted as saying that the establishment will create hundreds of jobs.

Derek Chin

“The Hard Rock Café is just one of the many international brands anticipating exposure to the Guyana market, and we are at the forefront of ensuring that this happens in the most flattering way possible,” Chin stated.

The development of the complex was first estimated at US$30 million but Chin said the US$15 million increase in the budget “is worth the investment.”

“This ultra-modern complex is ideally positioned on 10 acres of prime land, with a 200,000-plus square foot building, standing fascinatingly along the East Coast Demerara corridor,” the company stated.

The theatre complex will be outfitted with eight state-of-the-art screens with “incredibly luxurious seating” and “equipped with the technology needed for patrons to lose themselves in the magic of every film.”

It said a number of immensely popular local, regional and international restaurant franchises “have already signed on.”

Among the other business will be a 60,000-square foot Massy Stores Super Centre, one of the largest in the Caribbean.

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