Eccles family tied up, terrorized by gunmen


An Eccles, East Bank Demerara family have been left traumatized after five bandits, three of whom were armed with guns, invaded their house in the wee hours Wednesday morning, tied them up and robbed them of millions in cash and valuables.

News Room understands that Lawrence Fitzpatrick, a 56-year-old businessman woke up to use the washroom at around 02:15hrs on Wednesday when he was confronted by the perpetrators upon opening his bedroom door.

The gunmen then held onto the businessman and his wife and kicked opened the bedroom door of two other occupants of the house – Karen Kerrett and Wayne Jones.

The four were taken into Fitzpatrick’s bedroom, where the perpetrators used paper tape and clothing to bound their hands and feet.

The gunmen demanded cash and jewelry and in the process ransacked the entire house.

They stole $507,000 in Guyanese currency; US$300; one iPhone 7 valued at $200,000; a Samsung Galaxy J3 valued at $50,000; a $50,000 DVR; a bunch of house keys; two gold bands valued at $200,000; a hand bag valued at $10,000; one Blu cellphone valued at $25,000 and a credit card.

News Room understands that the bandits escaped and left the family tied up but the businessman subsequently managed to free himself and contacted the police.

Reports indicate that the perpetrators gained entry to the house by removing a window on the southern side of the bottom flat, which leads into the washroom area.

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