GT-R, Supra to rev off on Sunday at South Dakota


Randel Daby’s Toyota Supra will be making return after a three-year absence and it has significantly increased the piercing eyes expected to be placed on the South Dakota Circuit for the third edition of the King of the Strip Drag Race Meet on Sunday.

President of the Guyana Motor Racing & Sport Club (GMR&SC) Ramez Mohamed in an interview with News Room Sport touted the mega clash between Mohamed’s Enterprise Nissan GT-R, which has been unstoppable to date, and the Supra as one which can leave a lasting impression in the seven-second class (unlimited).

“We are expecting the Supra to give the GT-R some sort of competition with all the videos I have seen and the upgrades; we expect it (will) give some competition and I heard through the grape vines that Trans Pacific [Toyota Altezza] is heading for the Supra’s direction,” Mohamed said.

Apart from the high fliers, Mohamed expressed an interest in the 14 and 15 seconds groups, which he believes are the future of the sport.

“I am excited about 14 and 15 seconds; those guys are young drivers, the new breed of motor racing. They are now coming into it and the things that they do to make a little bit more power amazes me. In that class you have a lot competition; it is actually more than in the higher class,” Mohamed reckoned.

Azruddin Mohamed’s powerful Nissan GT-R

Suriname is the only foreign team making Sunday’s event, and the President revealed the Chevy Nova could be at the track. A team of no less than eight is expected from the neighbouring country.

Drivers will have to resort to the 1000ft track since inclement weather did not allow the expected launch pad to be competed. Mohamed further explained it should be completed next week and a meet will be hosted in October.

Looking ahead to Sunday where over 75 drivers are expected to take the track, Mohamed is excited at what is set to unfold.

“GMR&SC is well prepared. A lot of drivers came forward and registered so now we have an idea of how much to cater for. The staff at the office actually worked extremely late last night (Friday night). Everything is intact, we are ready for it,” Mohamed assured.

He added, “This one is actually bigger. It is growing and we keep adding more stuff to the race, like safety wise, we have moved back the fence and slash the sand; we’ve added more track bite and the cars should do better timing which makes it a better competition.”

Sunday’s action gets underway from 09:00h and admission to the venue is $1000 for adults and $500 for children.

The sponsors include Mohamed’s Enterprise, Ansa McAl Trading, B.M. Soat, ExxonMobil, Tropical Shipping, Del Ice Company, Japarts, Palm Court and Trans Pacific Auto Sales and Spares.

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