KFC Guyana assists hinterland students ahead of new school term


As part of its corporate/social responsibility, KFC Guyana has partnered with By Faith Charity to provide school shoes for children of the hinterland region.

Operations Manager of KFC Guyana, Greg DeGannes, recently made the presentation to Leslyn Holder, the Chief Executive Officer of By Faith Charity.

DeGannes said education and youth development are always high on the agenda at KFC.

“As such, we are pleased to partner with the ‘By Faith Charity for Hinterland Children’ in their endeavour of providing school footwear for the children of the hinterland. This is because we understand that it is only through education that the children of this nation can be empowered,” DeGannes posited.

He added, “On behalf of KFC Guyana, we are thrilled to contribute to such an amazing initiative that will not only help to increase the attendance in schools, but also improve the school lives of these children. As Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”  And with this simple donation we hope to bring an abundance of smiles to those that will be our future.”

Every year, By Faith Charity would host fund raising activities to help children in the hinterland region. Holder expressed appreciation for the support given by KFC Guyana in aiding the work of her organisation.

“Education is so important for the youths of tomorrow. As such, I would like to thank KFC Guyana, for partnering with us, to provide school shoes, for the children in the Hinterland Region. Since the foundation started it work in the hinterland region, the head teacher of the school has reported a 25% increase in attendance in Baramita. We would like for other corporate companies to come on board, to support these type of initiative, for under develop communities,” Holder stated.

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