Grove man killed after struck by truck; CCTV footage goes missing


A 34-year-old man lost his life last week after he was struck down by a speeding truck outside his home in the Grove Housing Scheme on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD).

Ryan Calvan was struck by motor lorry GGG 5366 around midday on September 10, 2018 as he was crossing the road towards his home.

His mother, Chitwantie Bissessar, observed everything that transpired and has concluded that the truck driver is to be blamed for her son’s demise.

Chitwantie Bissessar

“When the truck man come, you suppose to see a big person, even if it’s a lil person, you supposed to see them and start swerving out on the other side of the road,” she contended.

Upon seeing her son get hit by the vehicle, Bissessar did not think her son would have died from the impact. He was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he succumbed the following day.

She is now emotionally traumatized that her beloved son is gone for good. “I feel bad. I feel really hurt about it,” the mother cried during an interview with News Room Thursday.

She explained that her son, who did multiple jobs, would often bring home a “$2000 or $5000” for her.

The mother is incredibly worried that justice will not be served, given the manner in which the police are said to be investigating the case.

CCTV footage from a nearby Chinese supermarket which captured the accident is reportedly now missing and police have allegedly taken inaccurate road markings.

She is calling on higher authorities to ensure the investigation is properly carried out so that her son can get justice.

She is also hoping that the truck driver can provide some compensation to her family, since she depended on her son financially.

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