Sanasie to cricketers: ‘Get fit or face non-selection, salary cut’


Local cricketers need to ensure their fitness is up to standard or face the consequences of non-selection or salary cut. That the ultimatum issued by Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board, Anand Sanasie.

“You would have been observing a lot being said about fitness of cricketers, so I would like all of our cricketers locally to start to take note,” Sanasie told News Room.

“While our squad, that is the regionally contracted players and the academy players, would have performed well in the recent fitness test, I am putting you on notice that it is now (the) policy of the West Indies Cricket Board [now Cricket West Indies], not to select players who have not achieved 40 in the yo-yo test, so most of you know where you are.”

The Cricket West Indies Director added, “They have been some outstanding performances in the recent test, but once you fail the test, they will give you a programme to go on and after that period you will be re-tested and if you don’t pass, they will be going after your cash.”

GCB Secretary Anand Sanasie

Dr. Oba Gulston, Head of Sports Science and Sports Medicine at Cricket West Indies, recently conducted a fitness test in Guyana. He said he was impressed with both the local players and their support team.

Gulston explained that the pre-season test, which this year saw 29 players participating, was something whereby CWI goes around the region trying to drive a culture of fitness among cricketers.

Sanasie explained there is now a database to manage players’ fitness, which can be accessed by selectors, physios and officials of CWI.

The Jaguars have a year-long academy structure with players being under intense training at least four times per week.

Such a programme has allowed them to dominate the Regional Four-Day tournament, winning the title for four consecutive seasons. Their form in the 50-over has been patchy with no title since 2005.

They would look to rectify that in the coming weeks, as the Regional Super50 is set to start tomorrow (October 3).

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