Fit-Rex celebrates six years of transforming lives


Priding itself on providing a service that connects, bonds and motivates clients to transform their lifestyle in the pursuit of healthy and happy living, Fit-Rex is celebrating its sixth anniversary, and from all indications there is much more to come.

Described by CEO and Founder Joshua Singh as a “huge and intimidating vision” when he embarked on the project in 2012, Fit-Rex has grown to become the go-to place for just about anyone looking to shed some pounds.

CEO and Founder of Fit-Rex, Joshua Singh

According to Singh, his vision for Fit-Rex seemed an “almost impossible” undertaking for a teenager, who had “just discovered professional fitness training.”

“Many were against that vision and many told me that I should just work at a regular gym as a trainer, but I refused and played stubborn; with only $1,000 in my pocket, Fit-Rex was born,” Singh told News Room.

He added, “This vision was based on my personal success weight loss story in which I lost 150lbs at age 15. I was also battling potential heart diseases while being a victim of bullyism. After that, I wanted to revolutionise a new way of fitness in Guyana that will be fun, addictive, motivating and inspiring.”

Singh is hoping his story can inspire and motivate others, as he encouraged them not to give up.

“My first job was at Zoon Online Shopping as an Airport Clerk, in which I gained valuable experience with customer service. Prior my time at Zoon, I was working along with my father to sell goods in his store at the young age of five. Working with my dad at his store was a great honour as it allowed me to cope with complex matters at a very young age. It was at this moment, at the age of 15, I decided to begin my life long journey towards my personal self-development,” Singh explained.

Celebrating six years

With no substantial money to start the journey, Singh decided to sell his favourite workout videos, including that of one of his greatest inspirational leaders, Tony Horton.

“During this time, my sister annoyed me to train her because she said that she believed in my abilities. She once made a comment saying that she really believed that I had the potential to be one of Guyana’s greatest trainers.  Today, I am humble, and with six years of experience and over 1000s trained I am beginning to believe that she is right.”

“It was only afterwards I realise that she told me these nice words because she was determined to get that Carnival body. Renata, I am very thankful to have you as my sister and for pushing me to achieve greatness.”

A typical day at Fit-Rex

Fit-Rex started with small group sessions at Everest, but soon enough things started to pick up.

“Some days just one person would show up, but I always ensured that I give my best, giving my clients the attention and care they deserved,” Singh reflected.

Today, the 24-year-old Singh is guiding over 100 daily active clients and has overseen countless successful transformations. For many, Fit-Rex is regarded as Guyana’s number one fitness training service for weight loss.

“I am forever humbled and grateful for the support and motivation my clients give to me each and every day, especially on my bad days.  In life you have to be humble and appreciate the small things- forgive and forget, and focus on one goal at a time,” Singh said.

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