Father of ‘Short Boss’ fears for son’s life


Romario Baljeet, the disabled man, who was badly beaten by a Businessman, was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital Monday morning for excessive bleeding.

Romario, 21, known as ‘Short Boss’ is currently in surgery as Doctors try to figure out the source of his excessive bleeding.

His father, Ken Baljeet told News Room Monday morning that he took the young man to the Diamond Hospital on Sunday night where Doctors discovered the excessive bleeding after opening his bandages and advised that he take his son back to the Woodlands Hospital.

The senior Baljeet said he was told that his son is in a critical condition and is fearful for his life.

“I am scared at this moment because of this excessive bleeding. My hopes were getting better after he was discharged from the hospital…but after now we’re seeing this excessive bleeding, I am really scared because even the doctors doesn’t know as yet, where this is coming from,” Mr Baljeet told News Room.

The young Baljeet was discharged from the hospital three days ago, and according to his father, he [Romario] is also scared since he believes his condition is worsening.

Romario Baljeet at the hospital

“He’s scared…. because he’s asking me also ‘daddy, what’s going to happen?’

“I am just trying to talk to him and tell him he’s going to be fine, God is in charge and we’re just hoping for the best,” Mr Baljeet said.

Baljeet, who suffers from a walking disability was savagely beaten by businessman, Imran Khan on October 28 outside a nightclub on Main Street, Georgetown.

Ken Baljeet

He is considered to be a midget due to his short stature; as a result of the beating, he sustained a deep cut to his left cheek, along with a swollen right eye among other visible bruises to the face and other parts of the body.

On the night of the attack, he was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital in an unconscious state.

In explaining his son’s disability, Mr Baljeet said that Romario is not capable of hurting anyone.

“He is born with a short leg; he has a curve spine. He is living with one eye…a lot of people don’t know that. He usually has seizures from time to time also but after this beating, we noticed he is having it more than normal.”

On November 1, Khan of Austin Street, Campbellville Georgetown was charged with the attempted murder of Romario and was remanded to prison until November 19.

The senior Baljeet expressed hope that justice will be served and commended the police for their thorough investigation.

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