There will never be a resignation of President, gov’t – Ramjattan


The Government is pushing ahead with its work as uncertainty hangs over the country following the passage of the No Confidence motion and the Speaker’s determination that the Court should settle the contentious issues.

“…there has not been a resignation of the President nor the Government, neither will there ever be a resignation of the President or the Government,” Vice President and Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan stated Thursday evening at Public Buildings.

“During this time…the Government remains in Office; it is entitled to exercise its functions.

“The country cannot be left without any Government at all; a governance vacuum is never permitted,” he added.

His declaration was in specific reference to Article 106 (7) of the Constitution, which dictates that after a No Confidence motion is passed, elections should be called in 90 days (unless there is an extension with the support of two thirds of Parliamentarians) and it is only after those elections are held and a new President is sworn in, the Government has to resign.

“The Government retains its full panoply of legal powers, whether that be statutory, prerogative or common law – and is with jurisdiction to exercise its legal authority,” he stated.

Ramjattan further asserted that Thursday’s ruling by the Speaker has its benefits.

The Speaker was asked to reverse the decision based on an argument by the Government that more than 33 constitutes a majority in the 65-seat legislature and that the vote of Charrandass Persaud was not valid because he is a citizen of Canada and hence not qualified to be a Member of Parliament.

“…a judicial interpretation will bring finality to the matter for all and sundry,” Ramjattan stated.

“Full, final and complete settlement of these issues by a Court of competent jurisdiction will place beyond doubt any question which may exist and serve to give guidance to the Speaker and to the National Assembly for the future,” the Speaker stated.

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