Jagdeo moves to join court proceedings challenging No-Confidence motion


Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has made an application in the High Court to become a party to the proceedings brought by private citizen, Compton Reid challenging the validity of the vote of Mr Charrandass Persaud.

In the application filed by former Attorney General Anil Nandlall, Jagdeo claimed that the main thrust of the proceedings by Reid is to nullify the No-Confidence Motion he moved on December 21, “and to ultimately prevent its constitutional consequences contained in Articles 106(6) and 106 (7) of the Constitution from taking effect.

The Constitution requires that the Government calls elections within three months of the passage of the motion; the time could be extended on the agreement of 2/3 majority in the House.

In the application to the Court Monday, Jagdeo said the matter raises not only issues of paramount constitutional and parliamentary significance but also fundamental political issues which may have far-reaching implications for national democracy, peace, order and good governance in Guyana.

As a result, Mr Nandlall asserted that it is imperative that Jagdeo be permitted to join the proceedings “in order to protect and preserve the will of a majority of the elected members who voted in favour of the said No-Confidence Motion and also to protect and preserve the sanctity of proceedings in the National Assembly as well as the Constitution of Guyana.

Private citizen, Compton Reid moved to the High Court Friday last seeking orders to set aside the No-Confidence vote of December 21, on the grounds that the vote of Charrandass Persaud was invalid because he holds a Canadian passport.

Further, Reid is seeking an order from the court to “stay” the enforcement of the Parliamentary resolution, namely that elections be held in three months unless an extension is agreed to by the Opposition.

The action was filed by a team of lawyers led by Senior Counsel Rex McKay.

The respondents in the case are Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Barton Scotland, Charrandass Persaud (who is no longer a Parliamentarian after he was recalled by the governing Coalition) and Attorney General Basil Williams.


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