UG bomb suspect being made a scapegoat – Family  


The family of Sheliza Jafferally says she is being used as a “scapegoat as pressure mounts against” the Guyana Police Force to solve the case as to who made bomb threats against the University of Guyana.  

Reports indicate that the young University student has been in custody since Wednesday following an anonymous phone call to the Alberttown Police Station Tuesday last that bombs were planted on the campus. 

A statement released by the Jafferally family Friday night noted that the young lady vehemently denies making the threats. 

The family believes that there are ulterior motives afoot following her arrest. 

“The leaking of her name and incorrectly stated family connection hints at a deeper, ulterior motivation; typically, in a matter that is under investigation, the “suspect’s” identity is not revealed until it has reached the level of the court.  

“In this case, she has been publicly lambasted and adjudged guilty before a charge has even been instituted.” 

The family has since hired the services of Attorney Latchmie Rahamat in order to clear her name. 

“The matter is under investigation and, despite being in police custody for more than 24 hours, she has not been formally charged, a strong indication that there is no solid case against her. She has denied the allegations and we believe that these accusations against her are completely out of character,” the statement noted.  

 “We therefore urge members of the public to not be hasty to call for her head on a block without evidence. As a society, we are too quick to latch on to the first bit of information presented to us, especially in salacious and high-profile matters such as this one.  

“However, we must remember that there is a process and that process must be respected. This is a young woman with her life ahead of her; she is a hard worker, a promising UG student, and a kind person.” 

 The University closed its operations for the entire week after two bomb threats.  

An ‘all-clear’ was given by the Guyana Police Force Bomb Disposal Unit after an efficient search was done on the campus but the administration still decided to close the campus this week. 

The Police investigations revealed that “so far that students either by themselves or with other persons decided to be mischievous and endeavour to disrupt the existing peace and calm in society and specifically in the education sectors. 

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