The GT-R effect in GT


Article and Photos by Akeem Greene

One of the world’s fastest drag racing cars is in Guyana.  Yes, you read that right; one of the fastest cars, the Nissan GT-R, is on the continent of South America, compliments of prominent race group Team Mohamed’s Enterprise.

Even without the thunderous sound of the engine or streaks of ‘fire’ spitting from the exhaust, a stir has already been created in the capital city, and by the reactions on social media, interest is growing rapidly countrywide.

Just before 11:00h on Friday (March 15), the machine of speed was pushed out of a container at John Fernandes Ltd Wharf. It was covered and to those who knew little, a stunning moment awaited when the covers were removed.

For a couple of minutes, it seemed as though time had paused. Workmen, those hurrying to get their items and passers-by all stopped to catch a glimpse.

“Whose car is that?”

“What kind of car is that?”

The inevitable occurred and the barrage of selfies began clicking.

Now loaded on the tow truck, the excitement cruised through the city and hands were grabbing at pockets to retrieve their mobile devices to capture the moment.

The car was taken to parts of the city on a tow truck

Some even dropped their groceries going for the phone; maybe they are the true racing fanatic.

Through Avenue of the Republic, and unto La Penitence the scenes of piercing eyes in amazement decorated the streets.

On the usually busy East Bank Demerara Highway, instead of the normal haste to overtake, some stayed behind and snapped photos from their cars.

A brief pit-stop at Houston had students of the Secondary School in awe, while bit of humour occurred when a moving motorcyclist tried to snap a photo, almost losing his balance in the process.

Some would call that ‘good skill’.

The one stop by the lawmen appeared deliberate to get up close and personal with the white machine.

The journey ended, for now, at Friendship, where the beast was off-loaded and now sleeps until the big day of speed, March 24, when the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club hosts the Drag Racing Meet at the South Dakota Circuit.

Now you must be wondering, it looks fast, but how really fast can it go?

This is an excerpt from a conversation with the professional driver Terrence Cox: “Last I heard the car has a pair of forced performance 80mm turbos which will make 2500 horsepower on the dyno with 65 pounds of boost. On the track the car will make about 10 more pounds of boost by fourth gear because of the air pushing into the front of the turbos, so 2600-2700 horsepower capable on track. That’s before the nitrous.”

Yikes! Now that is a lot of speed.

To simplify, it is faster than the black GT-R that has dominated South Dakota over the years.

The high-powered machine will debut at South Dakota on March 24

Fans should not be too worried about safety since the organisers are making that their top priority by following FIA guidelines, according to President Rameez Mohamed.

Cox added: “It really all depends on conditions and the rain. We will definitely see a new record with the car, 7.5 at least. I’m really looking for deep 7’s if not a 6 though. I’m coming down for extra testing this time so we will have it lined out by Sunday to make some quick passes.”

‘Goliath’, as fans have come to know the black GT-R, holds the record at 7.527 seconds, and that is without the crucial Launch Pad, which is expected to be ready by Saturday (March 16).

As the local parlance goes, ‘to miss is to diss.’ So ensure South Dakota is on your agenda for March 24.

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