Ansa McAL adds confectionaries, coffee, packaging to Guyanese market


The Ansa McAL group of companies Monday added over 50 new products to the Guyanese market.

Head of the Business Unit for the Food and Consumer Division, Anjeta Hinds said the company will continue to invest more in Guyana since its economy is projected to increase in the near future.

Guyanese can now enjoy a wide range of Butterskist and Pozuelo cookies and biscuits, Juan Valdez coffee from Colombia, Pam’s Sardines from Canada and bio-degradable packing from the Hot Pack company out of Dubai.

“The truth about Ansa McAL is that everybody knows us for what you drink.

“Most times when you think Ansa McAL you think Stag, Carib, Mackeson, Tropical Rhythms, Lucozade and Icool but the truth of the matter is we carry a wide range of products,” Hinds stated.

The company will now be distributing more than 50 products from five brands to the local market.

Highlighting the fact that Guyana’s economy is set to grow since the country is set to drill first oil in 2020, Hinds said that it was with this in mind that the company has decided to invest by introducing more quality products to Guyana.

“We do know that the economy is [going to] change in Guyana for the better.

‘That’s the optimism; that it is going to change for the better and Guyanese are going to have more choice and we want to make sure that we are…one of the first choices you make.

“People are going to come up with bright ideas to change the dynamics of how consumers enjoy their afternoons, or enjoy snacking, or enjoy their coffee and Ansa McAL has jumped on the optimism bandwagon,” she stated.

She said the company will in the near future look to build a manufacturing base in Guyana since business will begin to increase and more people will become aware of what Guyana has to offer.

“In terms of long-term scope for what the company has to offer…there is no doubt that there is going to be a rush to these shores for manufacturing and production because, optimistically speaking, energy cost should go down.

“We should have reusable and renewable energy to kind of offset cost for manufacturing.

“So it’s on the cards there is absolutely no doubt about it,” Hinds stated.

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