Minister Norton impressed by works on synthetic tracks


“I am very impressed with what I see and I am quite excited for it to be completed and be in use.”

These were the sentiments of the honourable Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton, following visits to both the synthetic tracks being constructed at Linden, Region 10, and in Berbice, Region Six.

Dr. Norton, who holds the Responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, was accompanied by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Ms. Melissa Tucker and the Assistant Director of Sport, Ms. Melissa Dow-Richardson on visits to the sites.

The team visited the Region Six site at New Amsterdam on Thursday and the Region 10 site at Wismar, Linden, on Friday last. During both visits, Minister Norton inspected the works being executed and questioned the contractors in relation to what he saw on the ground.

Minister Norton making a point with regard to the laying of the synthetic material at the Linden track

“I am no expert in engineering, so it was important that I asked the right questions so that we know what exactly are the works happening on the ground. We had to visit to ensure that what is reported to us is actually what is taking place,” Minister Norton said.

The Minister expressed satisfaction pertaining to the thoroughness of the contractors and workers in relation to answering questions and explaining details of the project.

“This is a good sign. It tells me that these are workers who are confident and keen about their work and I am very happy with the way this project is going. So far, it seems as though its timeline is intact,” Minister Norton told reporters.

Dr. Norton urged residents from both regions to pay keen attention to the project and use whatever means and forum available to ask questions and seek clarification in relation to same.

An aerial view of the synthetic track being constructed in Linden, Region 10

“These two facilities are being built for the people, so we want them to have a good knowledge it. I want Berbicians and Lindeners to follow up on the project and use every opportunity they can to air their concerns. I promise that we will have the answers,” Minister Norton encouraged.

The project to construct the two synthetic tracks is in its third phase – the ground work. Such works on the Linden track are being executed by Builders Hardware and General Supplies, while the Berbice track is being worked on by BK International.

AquaSun Designs are the local consultants for both project sites. The contracts for ground works are valued at G$141 million for Berbice and G$178 million for Linden. (An official press release of the Ministry of Social Cohesion)

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