Thandi McAllister to sit on CFU legal committee


The Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) Third Vice President, Thandi McAllister, has been nominated to the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Legal Committee, a Standing Committee of the CFU.

According to a release by the GFF Thursday, the appointment, a first for McAllister, will see her providing “strategic guidance and comments/recommendations to the Executive Committee based on communication with relevant regulatory authorities, lawmakers, governments, CONCACAF and FIFA,” as per the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

“It is a privilege to be engaged in the administration of football at the regional level. This is an opportunity for Guyana to contribute to the strengthening of the legislative framework, which governs the 31 Member Associations responsible for the management of football in the Wider Caribbean Region,” Mc Allister said in an invited comment.

“Constant analysis of legal issues relative to football is necessary if the rules, regulations and statutes are to evolve to cater for the advancement and development of the sport in the region and so, I’m honoured to be considered as having the competencies necessary for such an undertaking,” McAllister added.

Among the other key responsibilities of the Committee are “assisting Member Associations of CFU with any legal matters (subject always to rules of conflict) upon formal written request by such Member Association.

Review and make written recommendations and or proposals to the Executive Committee, relating to the CFU’s position relative to regulatory or legislative proposals or changes with regards to the CFU, CONCACAF or FIFA statutes.

Lobby and proactively engage with the relevant regulators in relation to the point previously stated and recommend external legal advice as necessary and obtain regular updates from said legal advisers regarding their services to the CFU.

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