Mother & Daughter pageant promises Red Carpet Affair 


The organisers of this year’s Mother and Daughter pageant have revealed that 22 pairs of mothers and daughters will be contesting in this classy family event to remind everyone of the special bond between parent and child.

A red carpet affair will be rolled out two hours before the show which starts at 20:00hrs and according to Dr Sulan Fung-Browne, the event will be ‘the best of the best’.

The 28th production of the Mother and Daughter Pageant will be held on May 11, the day before Mother’s Day, at the National Culture Centre under the theme ‘The Superpower of Love.’

“We always like to orient our show around the theme of love…and even though these superheroes and everybody has their own strengths, if you demonstrate love it will be the best strength ever,” Dr Fung-Browne said at a press conference Tuesday in Georgetown.

The pageant is produced by Supa Stylistics Promotions, headed by Dr Fung-Browne and her mother, Ingrid Fung.

L-R: Kirly Bacchus, MovieTowne Representative along with producers of the Mother and Daughter Pageant, Dr. Sulan Fung-Browne and her mother, Ingrid Browne and Kendra Messiah, New Nigel’s Supermarket representative.

“Every year we go higher and higher with our production and this year is no different,” Dr Fung-Browne said.

“The show has been around for quite a number of years…so for long as I’ve been alive I’ve known about mother and daughter.”

Mothers and daughters will compete in three categories – the junior, middle and senior.

Two new partners are now on board with the pageant, the New Nigel’s Supermarket and MovieTowne Guyana.

Kendra Messiah, a representative of the new supermarket said, “We just want to show the country and economy that we appreciate mothers and we have so much going on just for the mothers.”

Tickets prices are $3500 for auditorium front, auditorium rear $3000 and balcony $2000 and are available at the National Culture Centre and New Nigel Supermarket.

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