Gaskin ‘anxious’ to get back into private sector; not yet offered new position in Gov’t


The former Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin Friday said he was eager to get back into the private sector and confirmed that he has not been offered a new position in Government.

Before becoming a Government minister in May 2015, Gaskin ran Topaz Jewellery with his wife Han Granger-Gaskin, the daughter of President David Granger.

“I am not without things or options.

“I am anxious to get back to my previous job; there are a lot of things out there for me to do,” Gaskin told reporters at Public Buildings.

Gaskin was one of four government ministers who were forced to resign as a result of a ruling of the High Court, which was later confirmed by the Court of Appeal, that those with dual citizenship are not eligible to be elected to the House.

The ruling followed a challenge by private citizen Compton Reid against the vote of Mr Charrandass Persaud, a government Parliamentarian who voted with the opposition on a No Confidence motion against the government on December 21 last year.

Gaskin was born in the United Kingdom and had renewed his passport to that country.

He said he had read “very thoroughly” the Chief Justice’s ruling on the matter and that the act of renewal of his passport was an act of adherence to a foreign power, which is prohibited by the Constitution for persons seeking election to the National Assembly.

“I respect the Chief Justice, I respect her ruling, and I have to act in accordance with that ruling,” he stated.

Gaskin confirmed that he has not been offered a new position with the government but said he would be inclined to accept an offer if it related to the functions he performed as a Minister.

“If it could add value to the areas in which I have functioned, that is business and tourism, I would love to,” he stated.

“However, my resignation was unconditional and therefore it wasn’t done with a view to transcending somewhere else.”

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