PM can’t say when new Foreign Affairs Minister will be appointed


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo on Friday could not say when a new Minister of Foreign Affairs would be appointed.

The resignation of Minister Carl Greenidge became effective on Thursday and President David Granger did not announce a replacement nor did he say when someone new would assume the portfolio.

“The President would address that issue.

“I can’t say, that’s a matter for the President’s prerogative,” the Prime Minister told reporters at the National Assembly.

The Prime Minister also could not say who is the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He said that there is a protocol that is followed when the Foreign Minister was out, and that involved either the Minister of State of the Minister of Natural Resources, acting in that capacity.

But the Prime Minister said, “because of the recent changes I don’t know how that is shifted.”

The Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman also could not say who is the acting Foreign Affairs Minister.

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