Georgetown GP: 125cc Juniors too close to call


By Akeem Greene

The big names in Caribbean such as Colin Daley Jr and Kristian Boodoosingh are headed to Guyana for the first karting event of 2019, the Georgetown Grand Prix, but there is strong suspense on what the Juniors will bring to the circuit.

It is more than tempting to say, they will be the blockbuster package come May 11 at GT Motorsports from 16:00h.

So let’s take a quick reflection to the previous Georgetown GP held October 2018 and zoom in on the Juniors.

John Phang was crowned the champion driver, after winning two of the three races and copping a third.

The ever consistent Rayden Persaud along with Elan Rahaman stitched in second and third and when Phang was the winner. Mikhail Persaud also drove his way to the podium.

Since then, there have been some changes; the last karting event in 2018, Mikhail was the champion of 125cc Juniors.

However, when the new year broke, new opportunities arose for some to have intense training at the Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy held in Barbados over three weekends across three months.

Nathan Rahaman will be one to watch out for some sublime driving

The physical rigours of the Bushy Park circuit were truly an eye-opener for life in top tier karting for the likes of Paige Mendonca, Nathan Rahaman, Jeremey TenPow, Zachary Persaud, Rayden Persaud along with Elan Rahman who spent one weekend.

Justin Tenpow and Nicholas Shaw also travelled to compete in Barbados’ Winter cup series with former dominating for title triumph, but they will battle the 60cc Kids Cup.

With the increased exposure on high-speed tracks which require serious finesse to be successful, it is now tough to make a call who will take the chequered flag on home turf.

No doubt the seasoned winners will want to return to the podium but both Phang and Mikhail have moved to Seniors.

More so, Jamaican Tommi Gore, who finished fourth at the said karting academy, will compete which means one is certainly in line for pulsating action.

Certainly, if one would have missed previous 125cc Juniors’ racing, this is one not to miss.

Meanwhile, the other categories at the Grand Prix will be the 60cc Kids Cup; 125cc Seniors and Masters; Shifter Cup Pro and Easy Cup Rookie.

According to the organisers, after qualifying karters will be gridded for three races: Race 1(Best qualifying time); Race 2 (Based on Finish from Race 1 with Top 50% of the grid inverted); Race 3 (Based on 2nd best time from Race 1).

Race laps are 12 while in qualifying it will be five, and there will be bonus two points for qualifying and bonus three for the fastest lap of the day.

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