Families, friends say bandits killed ignored advice


By Bibi Khatoon

Her son, the person she called her ‘baby’ would always tell her he was going to work, cried Pamela Jagmohan.

Her son, Ramnarine Jagmohan, 33, was one of three bandits killed by Police on Sunday at Black Bush Polder. The rice-growing community had been paralysed by fear after a series of brutal attacks over the past months.

Pamela Jagmohan

Jagmohan’s mother, speaking with reporters at her Hampshire squatting area, East Berbice/Corentyne home, said her son would tell her he was going to different places to work but he would not return home for long periods.

On Sunday, she received a call from a relative who informed her that her son was killed by the Police.

“He been working with somebody at #19 [Village],” she said, and when he heard the Police were looking for him, he said he was going “top side.” On weekends, he went home and then after spending a day, he was gone again.

“I don’t know what he (was) doing at Black Bush,” the woman said.

Jagmohan was killed along with 32-year-old Kelvin Shivgobin called ‘Kelly’ of Belvedere and Sewchand Sewlall, 52, known as ‘One Eye Pappy’ of Black Bush Polder.

“This is three now,” Ramnarine’s father told the media shortly after identifying the body of his son at the Ramoo’s Funeral Home at Rose Hall Town on Monday.

He was referring to the fact that this is his third of five sons to have been killed.

One of his sons was killed in an accident. Another of his sons, Neshan Jagmohan, was killed in June 2017. Aged 27 at the time, he was stabbed 25 times in the New Amsterdam Prison where he and his brother were on remand for the murder of Businessman Devendra Deodat called ‘Dave’ of Lot 72 Hampshire Village, East Berbice Corentyne during a robbery in 2013.

Ramnarine, killed Sunday, was released from prison in March 2019 following a no case submission.

Another brother, Tameshwar Jagmohan, 28, is imprisoned for the Black Bush Polder triple murder which occurred between July 21-22, 2016 at Kookrite Creek, Savannah Black Bush Polder.

Meanwhile, Bibi Yakub, the wife of 52-year-old Sewchand Sewlall, said she last saw her husband on Friday.

Bibi Yakub

She said it was last Friday that she spoke with her husband. He helped to load her bananas for sale at the market. She said her husband worked as a farmer and fisherman.

“Me sorry what happen with him,” Yakub said as she held back tears.

A close friend of the third bandit, Shivgobin, said she had always encouraged him to stay away from criminal activities but he refused.

The three men were killed by police at around 15:35 hrs on Sunday. An official Police statement revealed that the ranks acted on information that strange persons were seen in the backlands of the Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder area.

The statement added that the cops proceeded to the area and came under rapid gunfire; they immediately took up tactical positions and returned fire in the general direction from where the gunshots were coming.

The exchange of gunfire lasted for about five minutes and after it subsided, the ranks combed the area and found the three men motionless with gunshot injuries.

Following the shooting death, Police Headquarters revealed that a pistol, two revolvers, a rifle, three magazines, 253 rounds of live ammunition and seven spent shells were found at the scene in close proximity of the men, along with other items.

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