With death of bandits who killed her two sons, Berbice mother believes God answered her cries for justice


Justice comes in different forms but for the mother of Harricharran and Premcharran Samaroo, who were brutally gunned down during a robbery as they prepared to usher in the New Year, justice came in the form of death – death for the men who were wanted for the murder of her sons.

Wanted man Kelvin Shivgobin called Kelly, who was shot and killed by Police on Sunday in the backlands of Johanna North, Black Bush Polder was among the suspects in the slaying of the Samaroos.

Kelvin Shivgobin called “Kelly” of Belvedere.

He was never found but was implicated in several robberies on the Corentyne while he was on the run.

Shivgobin is believed to have been the one who pulled the trigger that led to the death of the Samaroo brothers.

Dead: Harricharan Samaroo also called ‘Davo’ and his brother, Premcharan called “Tolly”, who had his photo taken just before the bandits attacked.

Shivgobin’s friend, Shivchand Sewlall, 52, who was also shot and killed by the Police, was said to have been an accomplice.

Irene Samaroo 64, of Bush Lot Village, Corentyne, Berbice believes her calls for justice was answered by God. She said she prayed every day hoping that justice would prevail.

“Well, meh feel so good. God great, you see.

52-year-old Sewchand Sewdat

“Every day I cry for my sons; I grieve for them. Every turn I make I remember them. I can’t forget them,” she told the News Room as tears trickled down her face.

Since the incident, she is unable to use her fireside as she is haunted by the sight of one of her son’s bloodied, lifeless body next to it.

Her sons used to provide for her every time they earned or reaped a crop; since their death, things have become harder on her.

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