Popular G3 building gutted by fire


The popular G3 building at Diamond along the East Bank of Demerara has been ruined by a mid-morning fire which also destroyed millions in assets.

Persons recalled first seeing smoke emanating from the top flat of the building which houses several businesses including a restaurant, night club and gym.

The fire service was immediately called in but could do little to contain the blaze which had already gutted sections of the building.

Upon the arrival of firefighters at the scene a large crowd had gathered and traffic had slowed to a crawl.

Swift action, however, did prevent the complete destruction of the facility.

The source of the fire which started around 11:00am is yet to be determined but eyewitnesses believed it may have originated from the restaurant which is housed in the top flat.

Speaking to the News Room, one eyewitness Paul Jagdeo said the firefighters were prevented from getting to the scene because of the traffic buildup along the roadway.

Jagdeo, who is a resident in Diamond, is convinced nonetheless that had the fire tenders been on site earlier, the building could have been saved.

“There was just smoke and when they called the fire service they came with a car without the fire wheel,” he said.

The fire service is still at the scene dousing the building while business owners await an opportunity to assess their losses.

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