‘Get ready to walk the streets’ after CCJ decision – Jagdeo tells supporters at Enmore

-PPP confident of ruling in its favour


Preempting the decision of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Tuesday on the No Confidence motion, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo urged party supporters to be prepared to hit the streets if the CCJ rules in the PPP’s favour.

“If the decision goes in our favour, trust me all of us will have to keep pressuring the Granger Government to hold early elections. We will have to go back on the streets, we will have to get the international community to put pressure on them.

“We will have to do every single thing to ensure that they hold early elections. That they don’t use GECOM as the next excuse because they’re scared of the elections,” Jagdeo told residents of Enmore, East Coast Demerara, Friday night at Robert Square during a public meeting to mark Enmore Martyrs Day.

A section of the gathering at Enmore, ECD. [News Room photo]
Next Tuesday’s ruling by the CCJ will conclude a lengthy legal battle over the December 21 No Confidence vote in the National Assembly.

The Court must decide whether 33 votes were enough to pass the No Confidence motion on December 21, or whether an extra vote was required for a majority in the 65-seat House.

“So if that outcome comes our way, on Wednesday get a boots…and get ready to walk the streets, we’re going to put the pressure on them…the squeeze on them,” Jagdeo said.

If the CCJ ruling does not go in the favour of the PPP, Jagdeo said it simply means that elections will be delayed by a few months.

“If it goes against us, which will be perverse, it’s not a problem too because as a seasoned political party, we have to be ready for everything.

“It just means that the elections will be delayed a few months more. We will still be campaigning; we would still be working and one thing has to be inevitable: every single Guyanese must play a role in getting rid of these people.”

Jagdeo urged supporters not to lose hope.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo addresses supporters at Enmore. [News Room photo]
“We can’t just give up hope if the decision goes against us. We expect it to go in our favour, all the arguments are solid in our favour but anything could happen in this life and therefore, we’ll just be as strong and just as ready whatever the outcome is on Tuesday,” the Opposition Leader said.

Meanwhile, he rallied the Enmore residents – a stronghold of the PPP – noting that Guyanese everywhere are “fed up” with the David Granger Government.

“They [the Government] have seen on the ground what we have seen too because they have gone on the ground too and they are faced with large scale rejection even in communities that they were strong in.

“They’ve been hearing too what we’ve been hearing, that people are fed up with them and so they’re fearful of elections.”

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