PPP takes to the streets, supporters call for immediate election


Opposition members and supporters on Friday took to the streets calling for the David Granger government to immediately set a date for elections.

Hundreds of persons braved the rain as they stood in front of the Ministry of the Presidency on Vlissengen Road, Georgetown and subsequently walked to the Opposition Leader’s Church Street, Georgetown Office shouting “illegal Government, must go!”

“APNU+AFC illegal and shameless, call elections now!, Yes! Yes! Yes! Elections now!, APNU+AFC demit office now!, All APNU/AFC Ministers are illegal, PPP says it is time for election” were some of the phrases on the placards.

The protest comes just one day after President David Granger and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo met to decide on a new Chairman for the elections body.

PPP supporters on Friday (PPP photo)
PPP supporters on Friday (PPP photo)
PPP supporters on Friday (PPP photo)

“We need elections very early because this Government is illegal and we want a change and we have to get it now,” one woman said in an interview with the media.

Another said “our protest her is for free and fair elections and early as possible. The Constitution must be respected.”

One supporter told the media that he wants free and fair elections but he wants that process as early as possible.

PPP Presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali told the media that his party is sticking to the three-month deadline for the holding of elections following the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice that the no-confidence vote is valid.

“Today we are out here in defence of our constitution, we are out here in defence of the rule of law, in defence of the rights of the people; the fundamental rights to have a Government of their choice and to have a Government that understands that they have to respect the constitution,” Ali said.

PPP Presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali speaking to supporters (PPP photo)

The President, after meeting the Opposition Leader on Thursday, said once a new chair of GECOM is appointed, the commission will function smoothly and begin the process to hold credible elections.

The President and the Opposition Leader are hoping that the selection of a new GECOM Chair can be done in days.

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