Rebuilt house restores hope to traumatized family


By Akeem Greene

“I was scared but still had hope that someday [there] must be someway to have back my home,” were the words 20-year-old Urmilla Bujbhukan who was overjoyed to have her home rebuilt by benevolent members of the corporate community Sunday.

Bujbhukan, who lives at Lot 240 Number 60 Village, Corentyne Berbice, was placed in a state of shock on July 7 when her husband set fire to the house she and her two children dwelled.

Her husband, 22-year-old Bahadur Maniram came home intoxicated and after an argument, he set the one storey wooden structure on fire.

The house was completely destroyed within minutes and the mother of two was unable to save anything; she and her two small children are left with only the clothes on their back.

The ashes became the backdrop a new home compliments of B.M Soat Auto Sales, Prem’s Electrical, Del Ice Company, Navin Construction and members of the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club who joined resources to return bright smiles to a family who one week ago were uncertain of their next move.

Bujbhukan, who is also called ‘Radha’ related to News Room she is still terrified about the ordeal but is happy she has a home again.

The one storey wooden structure was completely destroyed

“I am very happy, I feel glad to have back my home and I would like to thank the persons who did this. I am so grateful.”

The mother added, “I was very sad and really stressed out to know we tried so much to have the house to live, we are poor people and we do all that we can just to get a home to live in and then everything gone to ashes…I was really stressed for that few days.

Urmilla Bujbhukan, 20, called ‘Radha’ with her two babies

Her three-year-old daughter will start school in September and Bujbhukan appealed for more assistance. Some members of the funding team related to the News Room that they will be assisting with clothes and other school supplies for the family.

The construction, which started on Sunday morning, was done by 15 men, who supplied their labour free of cost.  By late Sunday afternoon, the house was close to near completion.

Heading the construction was Navin Persaud, who stated it is a venture his team was most happy to undertake and hopes other persons in society, who have the means, can do similar.

The team will return on Wednesday to add various amenities to the house, however, in that section of the village, there is no electricity being supplied.

They also promised to rebuild another house which fell in close proximity. That is expected to be done this month-end.

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