Interior one of safest places on the planet – Tourism Director


Brian Mullis, Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), has said the crime situation in the country has not impacted demand for Guyana’s eco-tourism product, which is largely based in the interior.

“The interior is one of the safest places on the planet,” he recently stated.

“There are very few instances [of crime] there and that’s where most of our leisure visitors are looking to travel.”

Mullis recently addressed the issue of crime and its impact on tourism during an engagement with the media at the GTA’s Sophia, Georgetown office.

He said the GTA has been exploring ideas like their Guyana Travel Advisory released in 2018 that aims to help visitors be more informed while moving around the country.

“It’s not to counter to what they are releasing in the US Embassy and other embassies.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Brian Mullis

“But is rather complimentary and provides that detail necessary so that we can inform our visitors on how to travel and have a safe experience,” he stated.

Mullis stated that based on his experience as Director of the GTA, crime has not affected the growth of the tourism industry in any significant way.

“Most petty crime that is occurring is relegated to Georgetown,” he stated.

He went on to note that simple precautions that visitors take in almost any other part of the world are all that is necessary here for visitors to have an enjoyable experience.

The GTA, in analyzing the results of recent surveys done by the Guyana Bureau of Statistics and the Cheddie Jagan International Airport exit survey, found that expenditure per international traveller per visit was G$222, 216 in 2018.

The director stated that this is above the global average for tourist expenditure.

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