Video surfaces of prisoners assaulting, cutting off murder suspect’s hair


Prison authorities are investigating the assault of 36-year-old Marlon Bradley known as ‘Maley’ who was beaten and had his hair cut off by prisoners in the holding bay at Lusignan Prison, East Coast Demerara.

A video of the incident has since made its way into the public domain and according to Director of Prison (ag) Gladwin Samuels, the incident occurred on August 8.`

He said Bradley was extracted from the Holding area and relocated to inside the Lusignan Prison.

According to Mr Samuels, the prisoner said he is unable to identify anyone because their faces were covered during the incident, however, by voice recognition one person was identified by prison staff but he is so far not providing any information.

In the video, one of the prisoners is overheard giving instructions to others to cut off Bradley’s hair as they pinned him on a bed. Bradley can be heard begging them to stop.

The prisoner videoing the incident can be heard saying: “Ayo is bad boy? Ya playing regula’ boy?”

Bradley of East La Penitence, Georgetown and also of Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara was shot in the upper leg by Police at the Stabroek Market on August 4th.

He was wanted for the murder of Reginald ‘Reggie’ Atherly popularly known as ‘Diesel Boss’ who was gunned down at his Guyhoc Park East La Penitence, Georgetown home on July 27.

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