St Roses, QC students top CAPE


The Ministry of Education has announced that this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) top performer is St. Rose’s High student Shanomae Milling.

Milling wrote 11 units and achieved nine grade ones and two grade twos.

Michael Bhopaul and Leonardo Gobin from Queens College tied for the second spot – they both wrote eight units and secured eight grade ones.

The other top students are Diego Barnett from Queens College with seven grade ones and two grade twos and Zane Ramator, also from Queens College, who attained seven grade ones.

Bhopaul was the top CSEC student in 2017 with 24 grade ones and one grade two. In 2018, he was also one of the country’s top performers at CAPE.

CAPE Top Student: Shanomae Milling

Meanwhile, six other students from Queens College also achieved top spots at CAPE this year.

Johanan Clarke with six grade ones and one grade two; Jamal Thomas with six grade ones and two grade twos; Amisha Mohanlall, six grade ones; Pretha Smith gained six grade ones, Jelena Arjune gained six grade ones; Jeevan Dalip with six grade ones and one grade three and Fidel Da Silva attained six grade ones and three grade twos. 

From St Stanislaus College Nial Beaton achieved six grade ones and also from St Stanislaus Johanan Clarke gained six grade ones and one grade three. Swarswati Vidya Niketan student, Narindra Persaud gained seven grade ones and one grade two; Christian Pile from a private institution achieved six grade ones and one grade two; Farah Chin, a student from Marian Academy, gained seven grade ones. 

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry said this year CAPE results remained constant with a 93% pass rate.  

A total of 880 students from ten secondary schools and five private institutions wrote the exams.

CAPE students attained 100% pass rate (grades one to five) in Agricultural Science Unit 2, Art and Design Unit 2, Computer Science Unit 1, Digital Media Unit 1&2, Electrical and Engineering Technology Unit 1, Environmental Science Unit 1, Food and Nutrition Unit 1&2, French Unit 2, Geography Unit 1&2, Information Technology Unit 1&2, Physics Unit 2, Sociology Unit 1, Spanish Unit 1&2, Animation and Gaming Unit 1 and Green Engineering Unit 1&2 among others.

Further another 30 units attained a 75% or higher pass rate.

“Christianburg/Wismar offered four Units at CAPE for the first time and gained a pass rate of ninety two percent,” the Minister said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story initially stated that Michael Bhopaul and Leonardo Gobin were the top CAPE performers this year, however, the Ministry of Education subsequently announced that it made an error and it is Ms Milling who is actually the top student. The story has since been amended to reflect accuracy. 

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