Trucks back on Harbour bridge from 7 tonight


The employees of the Demerara Harbour Bridge have completed the realignment of the damaged bridge and effective from 19:00hrs tonight until 4:00hrs tomorrow, all vehicles including laden and un-laden trucks under 18 tons will be able to transit the bridge.

“After 4am tomorrow, the standard bridge policy will be applied,” Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson announced Wednesday evening.

There will be a retraction of the bridge at 9:00hrs Wednesday for 1 1/2 hours for ocean going vessels.

There will be no special crossings until further notice, Minister Patterson said.

A vessel crashed into the bridge in the wee hours of Monday, shifting it out of alignment and shutting down operations for more than 24 hours.

The closure of the bridge affected thousands of commuters who use it to cross from West Demerara to the East Bank and Georgetown.

Light traffic was reopened on Tuesday afternoon following repairs.

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