‘APNU mortally afraid of elections’ – says Jagdeo


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has once again accused the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and by extension the coalition Government of seeking to delay general and regional elections.

“They are mortally afraid of elections, let’s get that very clear. They are terrified…terrified…you see ghastly pales come over them when you mention elections…the whole demeanour changes.

“I had little pleasant run-in with a few of them at cricket yesterday and…once we mentioned elections you see like people becoming a little unhinged, reason flies out of their head and everything else.

They will do whatever it takes to delay elections with the hope that they can go out with the so-called outreach using taxpayers money,” Mr Jagdeo said during a news conference at his Church Street, Georgetown office Friday.

He accused the Government of using State resources to polarize the country.

“But in doing so they are trampling on the constitution and the court ruling and Guyanese must assess the APNU based on how they relate to the constitution.”

The Opposition Leader claimed that the Government has been isolated by the international community.

“Thankfully, they’re becoming more isolated, I know from the international community because I’ve been meeting with the international community and they’re saying constitution and you’ll have to have elections and Guyanese are saying the same thing.”

Almost nine months since the passage of the No-Confidence Motion against the Government in the National Assembly, the Guyana Elections Commission is yet to pronounce on its preparedness for elections.

President David Granger has continuously noted that he is waiting on GECOM’s advice before suspending Parliament and proclaiming a date for general and regional elections.

The Opposition Leader still believes that elections can be held “way before” the end of 2019.

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