Murdered Plaisance schoolboy was warned not to go on the road


Fifteen-year-old Derril Wong of Robert Road, Plaisance on the East Coast of Demerara was warned by his grandmother to stay at home and not go on the road Thursday after school.

He didn’t listen. One hour later, the grandmother Orleen Holder received the devastating news that he was stabbed to death.

“A boy came and he told me –‘Mommy Derril is who to you?’ – I say boy don’t tell me no stupidness, don’t tell me no sad story. Hear he: Derril dead and he bleeding profusely,” the grieving woman told the News Room Friday afternoon.

Wong, a student of the Cummings Lodge Secondary School was stabbed to death on Thursday afternoon at Graham Street Plaisance, East Coast Demerara by his neighbour who is also his cousin.

The News Room understands that the 17-year-old suspect is in Police custody.

Wong has been living with his grandmother since he was a baby and is the eldest sibling.

Orleen Holder

His father, Dennis Wong lives in Trinidad and is expected to return home soon, while his mother Melissa Prince lives in Timehri

“His uncle warned him not to leave here because you know Plaisance always in problem, so I fall asleep and when I fall asleep he go away at these same cousins,” the grandmother said.

The News Room was reliably informed that Wong was banned by the suspect from entering his yard, but he defied that warning.

When he did enter the yard, the two ended up in a heated argument which then turned into a physical altercation.

Wong was stabbed with a knife twice in the back and was found lying in a pool of blood inside the house by the suspect’s sister.

The teen died while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital at about 22:00hrs Thursday.

“The doctors there, a lot of them were around his bed and they really tried with him….they say he bleed plenty and he ain’t live,” the grandmother said.

A post mortem conducted on Friday showed that Wong died from haemorrhaging.

“Derril he like friends and he like rearing chickens, he had chickens home here and I won’t lie he is a bit stubborn, you would talk to him and you know.”

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