Region One brothers were killed by high-powered weapons, PME finds


Autopsies performed on the bodies of 33-year-old Eon Matthias and 38-year-old Rakesh Matthias have found that the men died from multiple gunshot wounds while one of them was chopped multiple times.

The bodies of Eon and Rakesh of North West District, Region One washed ashore on Thursday morning at ‘Fathers Beach’ just off the Waini Coast of Region One.

The autopsies were completed on Friday by Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh who concluded that the gunshot wounds were caused by high caliber weapons, according to the Police.

The News Room understands that one of the men was shot twice from the front and the bullets exited his back while the other was shot thrice from the back and the bullets exited his chest.

The two men reportedly left home at about 10:30hrs on Wednesday in a fiber glass boat to go fishing.

Region One Police Commander Wendell Blanhum had told the News Room that the residents heard rapid gunfire sometime between 14:00 to 14: 45 on Wednesday.

He told the News Room that residents reported that the gunfire lasted about 30 minutes and it may have come from a vessel the two brothers were using. The vessel was not found.

No arrests have been made so far.

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