Robert Persaud waiting on role of ‘value-added significance’ before rejoining politics


Robert Persaud, the former Minister of Natural Resources, Tuesday morning said he is still keeping away from politics but will rejoin “when I think I can play a role back in politics that is of value-added significance.”

During an engagement with local and foreign journalists at the Georgetown Club, Persaud described himself as a semi-retired politician.

“I have no ambition to start any political party. I think we have too many already, we need much more technically committed Guyanese to move the country forward and perhaps less of individuals who are out there just to score,” Persaud said.

Robert Persaud during an engagement with local and foreign journalists at the Georgetown Club

From January 2019 to date, four political parties were launched: A New and United Guyana (ANUG), Liberty and Justice Party (LJP), Federal United Party (FedUp) and The Citizenship Initiative (TCI).  Another party named “Change Guyana” has also been formed recently but has not been formally launched.

The former Minister said he took a sabbatical from politics after the 2015 General and Regional elections when his party was voted out of office after 23 years.

He now makes a living from private consulting services which he offers to people looking to invest in Guyana from his knowledge of the political and business landscape of the country.

“At this point in time, I am more focused on what role and contribution I can make in a more technical and in a much supportive capacity to the country’s wellbeing. How that plays out eventually is a different issue,” he said.

The former Minister said there is a need for more persons who can stand and make objective, constructive and technical inputs to move the country forward.

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