Rescued pets bring stress relief to UG students


The Paws for a Cause Guyana animal rescue and rehabilitation organization on Wednesday joined forces with the University of Guyana (UG) Biology Club and the female empowerment movement to bring a much needed but unorthodox method of stress relief and inspiration to students of UG’s Turkeyen campus.

It came just at the right time – during their examinations period.

Representatives of the foundation took time to inspire students to pause and breathe during a tight exam period.

The organization which was launched in February of 2019, also took some of the rescued puppies under their care and placed them in the hands of students who were in need of some inspiration.

“I’m a fourth-year student at the University of Guyana and basically I thought it would be a good idea to actually bring some puppies on board to basically take away the stress of what UG gives every day.

“Right now its midterms and you have deadlines with exams, assignments, presentations, proposals and I’m going through it right now,” said Paws for a Cause Co-Founder Steffi DeNobrega.

DeNobrega told the News Room that she has twelve dogs of her own and that she finds a lot of peace having them around in her life.

Senior members of the organization believe that good mental health is essential to happiness. They also share the belief that dogs and cats can help to reduce blood pressure and harmful stress hormones that lead to depression and anxiety.

Malina Sukhu, a student of UG joined the PAWS for a Cause organisation today.

The event attracted a large number of supporters throughout the day as inspired students were encouraged to join the organization and volunteer their time rescuing and caring for animals neglected by owners.

One student immediately committed herself to the cause after being inspired by the initiative.

“I actually became a volunteer here today. I’ve been interested in it for some time so when they came here today and I saw that they needed help, I grabbed a T-shirt and I went for it.

“I’ve always had a passion to open my own shelter so when I saw them I was like finally there people that have the same passion for animals like I do so that was my inspiration,” said Malina Sukhu.

The Paws for a Cause organization currently cares for approximately 50 animals and are actively looking for volunteers to join the noble cause of caring for these animals and placing them in loving homes.

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