President gives bus to President’s College for 34th anniversary


President David Granger on Thursday afternoon rewarded the administration and students of President’s College with a new 30-seater bus to assist those with challenged by high transportation costs when travelling to and from school.

The President told guardians of the students that he walked with the bus keys because he understands that some of them spend a lot in transportation weekly to send their children to school and simply could not tolerate it anymore.

“The last time…a child, I don’t know if she is still here [but] I think she lives at Mahaica, and she told me that her family was spending $5000 a week to get her to school here at Golden Grove. I couldn’t tolerate that so I walked with some keys today,” Granger announced to loud cheers.

A total of 146 CAPE and CSEC students who graduated from the institution were told by President Granger that his administration intends to place increased emphasis on ensuring that every child is able to attend school after the launch of his decade of development next year.

The Head of State encourages graduands to be proud of their alma mater while ensuring them that many exciting opportunities lie ahead.

Best CSEC student, Master Kumar Persaud collects a special gift from his parents with his sister who also attends President’s College

“Guyana belongs to you. The future starts today for you – the 29th graduating class of President’s College. You are graduating at a time when we are on the threshold of momentous changes.

“Your generation has a unique opportunity to fulfil its dreams and to realize its fullest potential.

“I encourage you to make the most of the many opportunities which these changes will open. Guyana needs you,” said the President.

Graduating students welcomed a charge from past President’s College student Dr. Mahendra Carpen.

Dr. Mahendra Carpen

Carpen, who is now Head of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, called on the students to also pursue careers outside of science if they desire to.

“You don’t all have to be doctors or lawyers. We need poets, artists, musicians too. I have spent my life in science, yet I envy those with the precious gifts and talents that bring our emotions alive,” Carpen said to students.

Principal of the institution, Samantha Success, during her address detailed the school’s excellent performances at both examinations.

She was proud to mention that of the 31 subjects sat at the CSEC exams, most of the subjects recorded a 100% pass rate.

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