Jordan: Private sector crying ‘tax, tax, tax’ is a ruse to hide what is really happening


Minister of Finance Winston Jordan Wednesday took a swipe at private sector officials who have lamented Government’s tax measures.

He said that tax reforms over the years has been in favour of the private sector and asserted that the government will go after those who have been evading taxes.

“You must investigate and find out whether this so-called heavily taxed private sector is indeed so,” Jordan told reporters when quizzed on the issue on the sidelines of an event at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown.

He said that the increased revenues that the Government has been getting since 2015 is as a result of an expanded base and not because of additional taxes on the private sector.

“And if you check and see we have reformed the taxation system significantly in favour of the private sector,” he stated.

Minister of Finance, Wnston Jordan

“This business about ‘tax, tax, tax private sector’ is used as a ruse – a ruse to hide exactly what is going on in that sector,” Jordan declared.

He said that as a result of a tax amnesty last year, where defaulting taxpayers were granted a waiver of any penalties, $11 billion was collected.

He said that while the Government can consider another tax amnesty, that would be unfair to taxpayers who are paying their taxes regularly and on time, while measures such as an amnesty have to be used for those who are delinquent and use every evasive method.

“We haven’t give one amnesty over nine months last year and I think that is enough.

“Now we go after taxpayers, significantly,” Jordan stated.

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