Wiltshire is Category A champion at Junior Skill Level Tournament


The last ball hit by Shomari Wiltshire in the final match of the Farfan and Mendes Junior Skill Level Tournament secured his crown at the Georgetown Club on Sunday. Wiltshire faced Samuel Ince-Carvalhal, who was also unbeaten as they went into the final match.

Both youngsters played some great squash and Ince-Carvalhal earned a respectable seven points in the third game, but the maestro Wiltshire calmly placed his shots and worked the court to achieve a clean slate in the tournament- not dropping a single game.

The range of play for the top junior players was outstanding as the execution of their shots rang out with the sheer pace of the ball hitting the front wall. Ince-Carvalhal played a complete game, but the skill of the Caribbean number one player dominated for the 11-5, 11-3, 11-7 win

The spot for third place was battled for by Nicholas Verwey and Michael Alphonso. The match up was reminiscent of the final of the Junior Caribbean game for the title in Trinidad early this year where Alphonso took the title in three straight games.

However, the tables turned this time as Verwey’s reach and retrieval proved too much for the skilful Alphonso. Verwey moved out ahead early and took the first game comfortably before Alphonso made a bid for the second game which played out to 12-10 in Verwey’s favour.

Long rallies with some breath-taking retrieval had the crowd on the edge of their seats before a collected Verwey dominated the final game for the 11-7, 12-10, 11-5 victory.

In Category B, a much-improved Mohryan Baksh topped the group of four with a clean slate of 3-0. His final match saw a valiant effort from the talented Kirsten Gomes in the first game where she earned eight points, but Baksh dominated the T and moved Gomes around the court with calculated precision for two consecutive 11-4 games.

Young Tiana Gomes also enjoyed a clean sweep of her category G group; earning her the most outstanding girl special award. Abhinav Singh was honoured with Most Improved Boy, Safirah Sumner with most Improved Girl, and Dhiren Persaud with Most Outstanding Boy.

The level of squash continues to progress with the young players keeping Guyana firmly at the top of Caribbean Squash. The Guyana Squash Association would like to thank the sponsors for supporting these athletes throughout the year and look forward to another successful year in 2020.


Category A

WINNER              Shomari Wiltshire

SECOND PLACE Samuel Ince-Carvalhal

THIRD PLACE      Nicholas Verwey

Category B

WINNER               Mohryan Baksh

SECOND PLACE Kirsten Gomes

THIRD PLACE      Lucas Jonas

Category C

WINNER               Louis DaSilva

SECOND PLACE Zachary Persaud

THIRD PLACE      Shiloh Asregad

FOURTH PLACE Lajuan Munroe

Category D

WINNER              Dhiren Persaud


THIRD PLACE      Beau Fernandes

FOURTH PLACE Lucas Persaud

Category E

WINNER              Grant Fernandes

SECOND PLACE Safirah Sumner

THIRD PLACE      Matthew Spooner

Category F

WINNER              Abhinav Singh


THIRD PLACE      Bradley Walton


FIFTH PLACE       Rylee Rodrigues

Category G

WINNER              Tiana Gomes

SECOND PLACE Solomon Ince-Carvalhal

THIRD PLACE      Jnae Singh

FORTH PLACE    Nandishraj Singh

FIFTH PLACE       Kassie Walcott

Most Improved Girl Safirah Sumner

Most Improved Boy Abhinav Singh

Most Outstanding Girl Tiana Gomes

Most Outstanding Boy Dhiren Persaud

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