$45M food franchise opens at Vreed-en-Hoop


Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency Joseph Harmon on Saturday lauded Lakenauth Puran and his family for their $45M investment in the ‘Chicken n Burger Delight’ franchise at the Vreed-en-Hoop junction, West Coast Demerara.

Speaking at the formal opening held at the location, Harmon said the investment is a strong demonstration of the confidence that the family has in Guyana and its economy. He noted that the investment is one which must be applauded since it showcases what Guyanese can do, if they put their minds to it.

“This is an achievement. This is a testimony to the confidence which the Puran family has in this region and their confidence in the investment possibilities in this country.

“Many people complain that business is bad and nothing good is happening and all of that but as you can see, so many companies are coming to do business in Guyana.

Lakenauth Puran (left) and Mr Harmon cut the ribbon to open the establishment [MOTP photo]
“I have known the Purans for many years and I have seen them grow from one section of the company to other sections. The fact that you have been able to invest and succeed in your investments shows that once you are prepared to work hard and make the effort, you will succeed. I want to congratulate you for this bold step, for having faith and confidence in this country. You have to take that step,” Harmon said.

The Director-General noted that as a Government, the administration will continue to create a level playing field so that local companies can continue to grow and develop their potential to compete on the international market with established brands.

“We do not give any specific treatment. The Puran brothers have no special edge. However, I am happy to be here in this region where I can provide some guidance and see for myself, the developments that are taking place here.

“People talk about all the foreign companies coming here, but you have to understand that Guyana belongs to us and it is we who must take those steps to develop our country.

“We will not allow a foreign entity to come here and take benefits over our local population. Local content is about our local people and we must look out for our people. That’s the role of the Government. I think you have set a wonderful example for local companies of what you can achieve when you set your mind to what you want and you work hard,” he said.

Puran, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the franchise, in his remarks, said the fast-food restaurant began in 2012 as a small, family-run business.

The family felt that there was a need to expand and therefore took the giant step to further invest.

Puran noted that it took many sleepless days and nights to make the business establishment a reality but he is most pleased with the outcome and expects that it will be a hub in the region.

The CEO said the outlet currently employs 25 persons, who are all drawn from surrounding communities on the West Coast of Demerara. (Extracted and modified from Ministry of the Presidency)



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