Veteran journalist officially launches radio station


News Talk Guyana 103.1FM was officially launched Monday evening at the Herdmanton Lodge in Georgetown.

Veteran journalist and Chairman for the Board of Directors of the radio station, Denis Chabrol says they are on a mission to keep radio alive in a world where online news is dominant.

Chabrol is one of the shareholders and is the brain-child behind the entity; he is also the owner of the online news entity – Demerara Waves.

The Board comprises of trained and experienced personnel in education, telecommunications, broadcasting and journalism; they have since embarked on a mission to impart their knowledge and expertise with a younger and vibrant group of broadcasters.

Veteran journalist and Chairman for the Board of Directors Denis Chabrol

This young team has been in training since September at the radio station, some of whom are now announcers and producers.

Chabrol says what separates News Talk Guyana from the other stations is its content and format away from the “mad, blaring shouting type of broadcasting.”

The radio station initially came on the air in September this year.

Chabrol says they will provide accurate information blended with local music and programmes that cater to a wide range of Guyanese.

He noted that in just a few short months, the station has garnered a substantial amount of revenue and advertising, an indication that its content and format is appreciated.

Mariam Colette, one of the broadcasters inside the studio

“This is about our collective commitment to providing Guyana with quality radio and broadcasting at the required technical and production standards. We are committed to providing informative, educative and entertaining content,” Chabrol said.

He highlighted that the radio station does not represent any commercial or political interest and is committed to providing a fair and balanced reflection of the news in Guyana.

News Talk Guyana covers more than three-quarters of Guyana’s population with its Canadian/European Transmission equipment.

“My mother has to be the person who first of all inspired me to get into this field, she having purchased a book called –The Story of Radio- a ladybird series.”

“If the politicians and others in the room believe I am a pestilence of a newshound then don’t blame me, blame my mother,” Chabrol said.

Joylyn Chabrol (right), Gabriel Lall (second right) Bert Wilkinson (back right) and next to him is Denis Chabrol followed by Ron Robinson and Denis’ mother (third right) along with some of the broadcasters

Chabrol noted that while on the search for a location for the station under the expert guidance of engineer and retired Lieutenant Colonel Michael Welch, they realised that there is need for an integrated approach to formulating laws and regulations focusing on the location of towers, types of towers, frequency intensity, types of radio and vehicles in the radio field.

One of the Directors of the Board, Ron Robinson says with 103.1FM, Guyanese already know that they are getting a great deal.

Other directors of the Board are businessman Surendra Dhanpaul, retired Lieutenant Colonel Michael Welch, journalist Bert Wilkinson and Joylyn Chabrol.

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