18-Y-0 killed in accident wanted to join the Army


By Isanella Patoir

Eighteen-year-old Deshon Morris who died after colliding with a truck Tuesday night on the East Bank Demerara public road was planning to join the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

When the News Room visited his East La Penitence in Georgetown on Wednesday relatives and friends were gathered talking about the bright future he had envisioned.

His sister Alana Morris is encouraging drivers to be more cautious on the roadways.

“I have been watching the news and the number of accidents would have been very alarming so other drivers out there can just look out for one another and be more careful, considerate and cautious on the roadway,” Alana said.

Morris was killed at about 20:00hrs when the motorcycle he was riding CJ 6021 with pillion rider 27-year-old Keon Granville, collided with a truck (GTT 2073) and trailer (TEE 6391) attached to Muneshwers Limited.

Police said that Morris was proceeding north on the eastern lane of the western carriageway of Houston Public Road while the truck was driving east on the northern lane of Meadow Bank Public Road.

Alana explained she was at home when she saw a social media live video about an accident and had no idea it was her brother.

The Morris sisters: Amanda, Alana and Althea

“I saw this accident and I said to myself, there we go again another accident. So I kept watching the live video and from looking at the video I saw this person wearing a striped shirt, which resembles the one that I know he has and looking at the body structure….I was like let me call my mother.

“I called her and got no answer. The live did not disclose the name, but they already said the person died. So I decide to call his phone, the same guy that was on the bike with, he was just crying all the time,” Alana said.

At the time of the accident, Morris was returning home from visiting a friend who is hospitalised.

Morris had only recently started working at the Bertram Collins Public Service College.

“I was attached to him more than the other two because I have a passion for education and he really impressed me when he wrote exams, he did exceptionally well. I am always behind him pushing him and he said he wanted to join the army,” Alana said.

She described him as very ambitious and full of life and “had he had the opportunity to live, he would’ve lived a very successful life.”

Another sister, Althea Morris said the last time she saw her brother was when he left Tuesday afternoon and even offered to take her young son with him.

“As he was about to go and see his friend, he was about to take my son and I said no don’t take him and he rode off,” a grieving Althea said.

It is alleged that the truck approached the intersection of Meadow Bank and Houston Public Road and failed to stop and continued east onto the Houston road when the driver collided with the motorcycle.

Morris nor the pillion rider were wearing helmets. While Morris died at the scene of the accident, his friend was treated for minor injuries and discharged from the hospital.

Police have since arrested a 45-year-old truck driver of Crane Village, West Coast Demerara following the accident.

A post mortem examination conducted on Wednesday showed that Morris died as a result of shock and haemorrhage due to multiple injuries.

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