Mash ‘Pop Up’ concern held in Port Kaituma


The Department of Social Cohesion took Mashramani 2020 celebrations to Port Kaituma in Region One last Friday with a “pop-up” concert.

The Department of Public Information reported that the event attracted hundreds of residents from Port Kaituma and the surrounding villages.

Performers included Melissa ‘Vanilla’ Roberts, Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo, Chutney King Stephen Ramphall, Brandon Harding and Chutney Queen Vanita Willie.

Minister of Social Cohesion Dr. George Norton, who was active in Friday night’s celebrations, said he was excited about the event spreading throughout Guyana. He noted that the concert is one of a series of similar activities planned for other regions.

Brandon Harding (DPI Photo)

Mashramani Coordinator Andrew Tyndall explained that the festival is an integral part of Guyanese history, therefore the Department of Social Cohesion decided to “bring Mash to several regions” so that residents on the coast and in the hinterland can equally participate in the rich culture associated with the festival.

These activities also serve to usher in the 2020 Mashramani theme: “Guyana Together: Reflect, Celebrate, Transform”.

Pre- Mashramani celebrations continue on Monday, December 30 in Charity, Region Two.

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