Fast bowling camp to test efficient practices for players


Physiotherapist Neil Barry Jr. will host a free fast bowling camp in conjunction with the University of West Indies through his Sports Medicine Master’s programme. The camp will be held for three days from December 27 at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

There has been an ongoing clinic for six weeks testing how fast bowlers react to upper body strength programmes as compared to upper body power programmes.

Strength programmes essentially refer to consistent gym work, while power speaks to more of explosive type activities.

Mandev Persaud, a fourth year Physiotherapy student at the University of Guyana, gave further details and noted, “the aim in the project is to test the effectives of an upper body power programme as compared to an upper body strength programme so it would be which one benefits fast bowlers to increase their speed after six weeks.”

During the camp, those players who have been at the start of the project would be re-tested. The camp is open to new participants and will include working with coaches on some technical aspects of fast bowling, and also bowling under a speed gun.

The coaches will come from those within the Georgetown Cricket Association. The camp caters for Under-19 fast bowlers and starts from 09:30h and runs until 12:30h. It concludes on December 29.

Additionally, the participants will have the opportunity to engage in cricket specific power training, and be able to have their bowling speed accurately measured each day with the support of a technical team from the University of the West Indies.

In addition to persons who started the programme in its inception in October, new fast bowlers between ages 14-19 are invited to join, and they are advised to come in training kits with indoor sneakers.

Daily refreshments will be provided and there will be moderate prizes on the last day for commendable effort from the participants. For further queries contact 653-5491 or 618-0853.

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