TUF not contesting elections


The United Force (TUF) on Thursday announced that it will not be contesting the March 02 general and regional elections.

The party was formed on October 5, 1960, by Portuguese businessman Peter D’Aguiar with the support of East Indian leaders of the then Manpower Citizens Association.

The current leader of the party is Marissa Nadir, daughter of former leader Manzoor Nadir, who had accepted a ministerial post with the then PPP government following the 2001 general elections when the TUF won a single seat. The party did not secure enough votes to sit in Parliament in other elections that followed.

“This decision, whilst being a difficult one, has been discussed at great length. It is the party’s view that this particular election is extremely crucial and of utmost importance is to restore first and foremost the rule of law, but also to restore democracy in our nation which has been under attack daily within the last five years of this administration,” the party said in a statement.

The TUF encouraged all parties to demonstrate tolerance, decency and dignity, to encourage their supporters to be respectful of every person’s democratic right to support any party of his/her own choice.

The party said the most important question for the international community and observers to put to the current APNU+AFC administration is whether they are prepared to willingly vacate office should they be voted out.

The TUF called upon GECOM to allow all observers and stakeholders to view every step of the elections process, not only of the voting and counting of votes but also the input of data into the respective database while cross-checking the output data to determine that the results remain accurate.

The party said there must be transparency and accountability of every step.

“We pray that our beloved nation has a free and fair election and of utmost importance, that the results of said elections be respected by ALL parties and its supporters.

“To our nation, at this time, let us not be divided as bitter peoples, but unite in our respect of different views and in decency. We must remember that we ARE one people, one nation with one destiny,” the TUF stated.


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