Child Care Officer ‘scarred for life’ after attack by knife-wielding bandit


After being attacked by a young bandit armed with a knife, Child Care Officer Robeena Zaman is now traumatised and scarred for life.

The 41-year-old mother of three told the News Room during an interview on Wednesday that the incident occurred in Albouystown, Georgetown at about 07:30hrs on Tuesday as she was making her way to work.

The woman explained that she walking towards the main road when the bandit tried to steal her handbag and stabbed her in the face.

“Normally my husband will give me a drop but yesterday was different, so just at the corner of Barr and Pont Trench I saw this youth playing [loud] music and he got this comb combing up he hair and I pay no heed and I proceed.

“After I pass him at the corner, he rushed from behind and scramble my bag; my first reaction is to hold on to the bag so I held on and within an instant, he flick out this Rambo knife and he proceed like to stab me,” Zaman recounted.

It was her hijab that saved her life after the knife was left stuck inside the Muslim wear but the suspect pulled it out slashed Zaman thrive to her upper lip and mouth. She received 26 stitches.

Zaman said she put up her hand in defense and received a cut to one of her fingers.

“….the blood started rushing out and it happened so quickly but I held onto the bag and put up a resistance because yesterday morning I had some amount of money that I was going to help a needy family by instinct I know I had to defend this money so I held onto the bag and then he ran away,” Zaman said.

The woman expressed disappointment that it was only after she started bleeding that persons rushed to her assistance.

“They were people who witness but nobody did anything,” she said sadly.

However, according to Zaman residents claim to know the individual and said he would normally pry on persons on that very corner but it was the first time it had gotten so violent.

“He didn’t show no mercy to me, is like he just keep firing the knife without any consideration for me,” the woman said.

After the incident, Zaman called her husband and made a report at the Ruimveldt Police Station.

She told the News Room that her family has been living in the area for about eight years.

“I will consider myself not to be a stranger in this community. I traverse this road actually on a daily basis and this is the first time something like this happened.”

Zaman said she is doing better but is still in discomfort and remains traumatised.

“….the scar will be forever. I am fearful to tell you the truth, I don’t know if he will come back to harm me, I don’t know if his friends or associates will come, I don’t feel comfortable anymore,” she said.

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